Read Please: Freelancers Online Beware of Scammers

I'm a freelance remote writer for hire. I have been for years. You wouldn't believe it, but I've been left waiting for payments that never came, several times already. I know I'm gullible. I won't blame anyone but myself. Let me just share... My ads on Craigslist Manila have been receiving responses from people who... Continue Reading →

Adult Content Writing

You would never have guessed it but I got into adult content writing since working as a freelance writer. Some guy hired me because my name was on top of a list and my rate was reasonable - other term for low - and so I tried it out and before I knew it I... Continue Reading →

Hell Yeah!

I have been blogging for quite some time now... but the funny thing is, I ghost blog. It's getting paid to blog stuff as another person or character. And although I have another blog, it is not personal or real as I intend this to be. Got so much stuff in my mind and I... Continue Reading →

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