Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X Live Action Subtitles

Because looking for correct subtitles can be tough. So I decided to post the subs of Rurouni Kenshin Live Action. This is just for everyone's reading pleasure. Have fun! 1 00:01:48,520 --> 00:01:51,310 They're here! Shinsengumi!   2 00:02:01,560 --> 00:02:03,350 Hitokiri Battousai!   3 00:02:04,240 --> 00:02:06,990 Where?! Where are you?!   4 00:02:19,600... Continue Reading →

Getting pissed…

I began writing this post as a poem at first, but ended  throwing the first draft into the trash and moved on to write in a more sensible approach, using bullet-points. I get pissed whenever: - I catch my neighbors talking about me and what I'm doing or not doing. I refuse to be a... Continue Reading →

Teen Marriage in Media (Glee, Switched at Birth, Twilight)

I guess this one’s got a point.

Shooting Truth Bullets

As of late there have been several teenage couples getting engaged or married on TV Shows and Glee is one of them.

Switched At Birth also featured a young teenage couple getting engaged. Though this is a book and movie franchise, Twilight featured a fresh out of high school Bella Swan and her long-dead vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen getting married AND having a vampire child. Let’s not forget that Miley Cyrus was planning on getting married to Liam Hemsworth. Oh geez…

This is not the first time Glee has had a teenage couple getting engaged. In previous seasons, Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson get engaged. The marriage does not end up going through but I was not thrilled with the decision to depict high schoolers getting married. Glee is an incredibly popular TV Show and so was the Twilight franchise. It’s disturbing to me that teenage marriage is being…

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Something more…

I've been watching a lot of romantic comedies lately and since yesterday  - I decided to give it a rest and give myself a rest. It's been rather depressing for me to keep seeing this wonderful love stories, even those which had to go through the toughest moments but make it through unscathed and stronger... Continue Reading →

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