This is a Personal Blog

Love, Peace and Understanding
Love, Peace and Understanding

I have a lot to share. I admit, I am looking for attention and validation. Belonging to a community, an organization or a great group of people – I guess I want that.

So here’s what I think about the stuff I chance upon.

Politics isn’t my thing, but I’d talk about it. Love and other cliches get to me, so might as well not down my thoughts.

I love to watch movies and tv shows of all sorts so I have decided to make my blog have a section for those things I love the most… Although I’m not that familiar with WordPress to manipulate it expertly… I know I have to tell the world what I think are commendable and forgettable shows and movies!

My daughter and I would usually spend the afternoons and late night watching TV and DVD movies… so I better share my insights, right? I make most use of what I watch because I get inspired to write novels and short stories thanks to them… so I’m blogging about them too!

Feel free to disagree or teach me a thing or two. I would love for you to reach out to me.

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