Getting pissed…

I began writing this post as a poem at first, but ended  throwing the first draft into the trash and moved on to write in a more sensible approach, using bullet-points. I get pissed whenever: - I catch my neighbors talking about me and what I'm doing or not doing. I refuse to be a... Continue Reading →

Something more…

I've been watching a lot of romantic comedies lately and since yesterday  - I decided to give it a rest and give myself a rest. It's been rather depressing for me to keep seeing this wonderful love stories, even those which had to go through the toughest moments but make it through unscathed and stronger... Continue Reading →

Movie Marathon

For a whole month now, I have been absorbed in another ghostwriting contract... I am writing a 200+ paged, back to back, full on novel for someone in the US. I almost forgot to work on my other existing contracts because of this and three days ago, I developed a migraine out of sheer stress.  ... Continue Reading →

This is not a book review!

I recently joined and found it quite refreshing. For a book lover like me, a social media site anchored to a connection among people like me is like finding a slice of paradise. Although not all my friends there are really there to discuss books, just there to pick up nerdy book worms with... Continue Reading →

Adult Content Writing

You would never have guessed it but I got into adult content writing since working as a freelance writer. Some guy hired me because my name was on top of a list and my rate was reasonable - other term for low - and so I tried it out and before I knew it I... Continue Reading →

My daughter Niccolette

My daughter Niccolette was born on November 4, 2008. I had been in a relationship for a long time but only had her after 5 years of marriage. I was originally married May of 2003 but it wasn't not registered and we had to get marriage again recently. But the point is, five years after... Continue Reading →

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