Getting pissed…

I began writing this post as a poem at first, but ended ¬†throwing the first draft into the trash and moved on to write in a more sensible approach, using bullet-points. I get pissed whenever: - I catch my neighbors talking about me and what I'm doing or not doing. I refuse to be a... Continue Reading →

Movie Marathon

For a whole month now, I have been absorbed in another ghostwriting contract... I am writing a 200+ paged, back to back, full on novel for someone in the US.¬†I almost forgot to work on my other existing contracts because of this and three days ago, I developed a migraine out of sheer stress.  ... Continue Reading →

This is not a book review!

I recently joined and found it quite refreshing. For a book lover like me, a social media site anchored to a connection among people like me is like finding a slice of paradise. Although not all my friends there are really there to discuss books, just there to pick up nerdy book worms with... Continue Reading →

Adult Content Writing

You would never have guessed it but I got into adult content writing since working as a freelance writer. Some guy hired me because my name was on top of a list and my rate was reasonable - other term for low - and so I tried it out and before I knew it I... Continue Reading →

My daughter Niccolette

My daughter Niccolette was born on November 4, 2008. I had been in a relationship for a long time but only had her after 5 years of marriage. I was originally married May of 2003 but it wasn't not registered and we had to get marriage again recently. But the point is, five years after... Continue Reading →

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