Sample Fiction

Runner-Up It was the 24th, the day before Christmas.  Alone and lonely. Slightly trembling from too much coffee. My ashtray filled with cig butts. Didn't notice that I emptied a pack. I felt this urgent need to see Cecille and Vicky - my best friends. They were living in the same building now. Maybe I... Continue Reading →

New Girl and Two Broke Girls TV

I have recently started watching New Girl and Two Broke Girls on channel 9 -ETC Philippines. Well, they're both soooo good! Thankfully, I get to watch them back to back and boy, I sure do feel better after an hour of TV with them on. I could barely contain my laughter and particularly on New... Continue Reading →

This is not a book review!

I recently joined and found it quite refreshing. For a book lover like me, a social media site anchored to a connection among people like me is like finding a slice of paradise. Although not all my friends there are really there to discuss books, just there to pick up nerdy book worms with... Continue Reading →

Adult Content Writing

You would never have guessed it but I got into adult content writing since working as a freelance writer. Some guy hired me because my name was on top of a list and my rate was reasonable - other term for low - and so I tried it out and before I knew it I... Continue Reading →

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