Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X Live Action Subtitles

Because looking for correct subtitles can be tough. So I decided to post the subs of Rurouni Kenshin Live Action. This is just for everyone's reading pleasure. Have fun! 1 00:01:48,520 --> 00:01:51,310 They're here! Shinsengumi!   2 00:02:01,560 --> 00:02:03,350 Hitokiri Battousai!   3 00:02:04,240 --> 00:02:06,990 Where?! Where are you?!   4 00:02:19,600... Continue Reading →

Latest of Norman Reedus!

I love the guy... so let me just share... Norman Reedus: Canon PIXMA Pro City Senses Gallery Host Norman Reedus snaps a photo while attending the Canon USA PIXMA Pro City Senses Gallery held at 404 NYC on Thursday (September 26) in New York City. The 44-year-old The Walking Dead actor served as host at the event to kick off... Continue Reading →

Movie Marathon

For a whole month now, I have been absorbed in another ghostwriting contract... I am writing a 200+ paged, back to back, full on novel for someone in the US. I almost forgot to work on my other existing contracts because of this and three days ago, I developed a migraine out of sheer stress.  ... Continue Reading →

starting to forget why…

Yeah, it's been uneventful these past few weeks. It's surprising really, since my life has been a roller coaster ride for some time now. But recently, I've been in a rut and can't find my way out of it.I've been watching an endless stream of romantic comedies just to get in the zone, prepping myself... Continue Reading →

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