Death and not dealing…

My husband died last July 29, 2014. That's almost three months ago and this is the first time I've ever thought of writing about his death, his passing. I have gone back to writing, which is my job - freelance writing my not be a lucrative job, but it's the only one I've got. With... Continue Reading →

Getting pissed…

I began writing this post as a poem at first, but ended ¬†throwing the first draft into the trash and moved on to write in a more sensible approach, using bullet-points. I get pissed whenever: - I catch my neighbors talking about me and what I'm doing or not doing. I refuse to be a... Continue Reading →

Sample Fiction

Runner-Up It was the 24th, the day before Christmas.  Alone and lonely. Slightly trembling from too much coffee. My ashtray filled with cig butts. Didn't notice that I emptied a pack. I felt this urgent need to see Cecille and Vicky - my best friends. They were living in the same building now. Maybe I... Continue Reading →

starting to forget why…

Yeah, it's been uneventful these past few weeks. It's surprising really, since my life has been a roller coaster ride for some time now. But recently, I've been in a rut and can't find my way out of it.I've been watching an endless stream of romantic comedies just to get in the zone, prepping myself... Continue Reading →

This is not a book review!

I recently joined and found it quite refreshing. For a book lover like me, a social media site anchored to a connection among people like me is like finding a slice of paradise. Although not all my friends there are really there to discuss books, just there to pick up nerdy book worms with... Continue Reading →

New Apartment

We recently moved to a new apartment - me, my daughter Niccolette and my husband Johnny. We did the whole works like paid a month deposit, a month advance and a month advance for both water and electricity bills. We signed a lease for a probationary three months. But you know what? In the Philippines... Continue Reading →

My daughter Niccolette

My daughter Niccolette was born on November 4, 2008. I had been in a relationship for a long time but only had her after 5 years of marriage. I was originally married May of 2003 but it wasn't not registered and we had to get marriage again recently. But the point is, five years after... Continue Reading →

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