About me: What for?!

IMG00192This is my response to the ABOUT page that I should really complete. So, here’s a little something about me…

I am Janice Bautista – Acosta. A writer and a gemini! I am in my early thirties and have one daughter named Niccolette Alexis B. Acosta. Her first and second name means “victory of the people” and “defender of men” respectively. Her father and I named her together, we agreed on the name instantly. I miss him, terribly. And so does his daughter since he passed away July of 2014.

I have worked full-time in a leftist organization and partylist (originally got drawn to it since college in the Philippine Normal University) and taught English for a good five years or so.

I used to teach not only English but Music as well – you see, it’s my first love.

Aside from watching movies, tv shows, listening to rock, pop rock music on the radio, you’ll find me writing.

I am obsessed with classic rock and contemporary alternative rock bands. I would rather listen to music all day and/or read a book rather than go out and party.

My little bundle of love[

I now try to find happiness in the little joys of my life and find comfort in my family and friends. I still cry whenever I think about how Johnny left us without a single word of goodbye, how sudden it all happened and how I am now a widow and my daughter fatherless… But the show must go on, for Niccolette, especially.

This blog will basically showcase my rambling thoughts, my dreams, my frustrations, my pissed of moments, my happy moments, my crazy ideas and everything else that I see fit to talk about.

I can be reached at via skype at janis.b.acosta or via my email janis.b.acosta@gmail.com.


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