Read Please: Freelancers Online Beware of Scammers

My pic for Craigslist ads
My Craigslist Manila Ads

I’m a freelance remote writer for hire.
I have been for years. You wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve been left waiting for payments that never came, several times already. I know I’m gullible. I won’t blame anyone but myself.

Let me just share…

My ads on Craigslist Manila have been receiving responses from people who say they need a writer.

There is one prospect who told me I’d receive $1600 a week. I instantly became wary.

Who would pay me that much without asking for a sample write-up, CV or have me undergo a test?

A month or two earlier, JustSEO sumthin hired me on I was thrilled to be offered $15 an hour. He wanted communication via Skype instead of Freelancer’s own messaging system. I didn’t ask for Milestone Payments. I have 20+ hours unpaid.

Years ago, I had a great PR writing contract on Odesk now and for months it was okay. But the client went MIA all of a sudden, leaving me with $50 worth of invoices unpaid. Maybe there was an explanation. Maybe, but I didn’t get any. I just hope he didn’t die or something.

Lessons Learned:

– Freelancer(dot)com cannot do anything to help freelancers who didn’t ask for Milestone Payments.

– Upwork can’t help freelancers in a fixed price contract.

– In all sites like the two mentioned above, if the client does not pay they can’t do anything but keep reminding the evil scum of the earth who rips off hardworking freelancers.

– If an offer is too good, better than what you have always dreamed of, be cautious. It is usually another scam to get your personal information, etc.

– Freelancers should always check out forums to learn the tricks of the trade.

I hope this helps. Happy hunting.

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