On Ghostwriting, Wattpad-ing and writing my own story “Loving Cassiopeia”

Hey followers… it’s been a while, but here’s what’s been taking up my time aside from my freelance writing jobs. Hello Wattpad! I wrote my own on-going series on the site! I also wrote this as a status update on Facebook to promote my on-going series at wattpad.com or via the wattpad android/smartphone application.

I am a ghostwriter, meaning I take on contracts, orders, jobs that lets me write stories of all kinds and genres for other people. My clients become the authors of the stories I write and I turn them over with confidentiality agreements. Sometimes, I feel I write stories that should have been under my name, stories that hit close to home, or reflect my personality as a person. Often times I cry when I send the finished product because I part with a character that I consider a person, a ‘who’ and someone like my own family. 

It’s like prostitution of some sort… and I feel so used after giving up my stories… but that’s life and I need to make a living for my family. 

Before I discovered Wattpad, life was like this for me. Now I am writing Loving Cassiopeia about a girl so much like me… And this is released through wattpad, under my own name (see why I didn’t use codes for my username? I used my own full name for it!) And I found people like me, newbie writers full of ideas and they share the same passion!

I am so excited and so empowered to finally do this – write a story about something close to my very heart and take credit for it – as AUTHOR!

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Book Cover
Loving Cassiopeia on Wattpad.com book cover

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