Getting pissed…

I began writing this post as a poem at first, but ended  throwing the first draft into the trash and moved on to write in a more sensible approach, using bullet-points.

I get pissed whenever:

– I catch my neighbors talking about me and what I’m doing or not doing. I refuse to be a part of their senseless brigade of talking about other people and putting their noses into other people’s business.

– The owner of the place I am renting starts playing unbearably loud music on his mono radio or their even louder Panasonic component system with four huge speakers. It is painful not just because it is so loud, but painful because they listen to the type of music I actually hate.

– My daughter insists on watching five barbie movies one after another… now it’s watching Frozen for the hundredth time.

– I run out of gas, not for the car because I don’t own one, but gas for cooking. This usually happens when I’m already cooking rice and end up with sticky gooey rice porridge for dinner.

– The ATM machine I go to is offline and the next machine is two jeepney rides away.

– My employer tells me he’ll pay me the remaining balance for my hard work but doesn’t and I end up borrowing from loan sharks that charge 20% the amount I borrowed.

– I check my facebook account and see that no one really remembered to ask me about anything, comment about my posts and just ignore my existence altogether.

– I see the father of my daughter and he promises to make things better by helping me raise our beautiful daughter but ends up leaving me for the -nth time in tears.

– I try to think of the things that make me smile but I end up enumerating the things that tick me off and I promise to myself that next time, I’ll think of the things that make me happy when I’m no longer in a bad mood.

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